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Specialist Training Programms

MILEQ has teamed up with a Specialist in Training. The Training is for Armed Forces Specialists, Police Specialists, for Security Specialists, for Personal Protection Specialists, Airline Security Specialists, Sniper and/or Counter-Sniper and for any other Specialist Training where a Training Expert is required.

Our Trainer has live experience and is currently trainer of Air Marshals and other Special Command Forces in Europe. 

Training Programs according the the skill level and requirement of the Operation can be offered. Our Trainer will share the accommodation with your special forces guys to enhance the team bonding.

A detailed list of items required and trainee requirements will be sent to you once we have established your need and funding for a training course.

If you feel you want to talk to us about your specialist training requirement, please feel free to email to us  

Please state in your email you full name, company, address, telephone/email so we can contact you.

Updated 2019-03-10

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