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M9125LS  Scope

The M9125LS Scope is a Laser Scope that can be fitted on a 20mm Picatinny Rail. 

This pictures shows a M9125LS Scope fitted to a M408UR Receiver via a Picatinny Rail.

The M9125LS Scope is a well tested and suitable Equipment.

It is mostly used by customers for Material Testing to ensure the projectile hits the intended spot.



Laser Device Class IIIa with a Wavelength of between 522 and 543 nm

X and Y direction of the Laser Beam are Adjustable on the M9125LS Scope

Weight: approx. 80g (M9125LS without battery and without clamping accessories)

Length of the M9125LS is approx. 130mm and height is approx. 38 mm (without mounting devices)

Laser Color:  Green,  Laser Power:  5 mW

Mounting brackets and LS9125LS Scope housing are made of Aluminium Alloy.

Usable Distance:  depending on the environment light, up to 200 m

Power Supply:  One piece of 3V Lithium Battery, type CR123A

Total weight (without battery, including box): approx. 200g,

Size of box: approx. 160mm x 130mm x 43 mm

Equipment includes:

1 pc M9125LS Scope

1 pc Clamping Device for Picatinny Rail

1 pc Clamping Bracket for horizontal extension on a Picatinny Rail

1 pc Remote Switch exchangeable against the switch fitted at the M9125LS

1 pc Allen Key for adjustment of X and Y on the M9125LS and at the same time for fixing the clamping devices

1 pc CR123A battery (battery is not included if shipping does not allow inclusion of this kind of

battery e.g. at airfreight or courier. In such cases, the user shall procure such battery locally from his corresponding supplier).

1 box containing all the above-mentioned items.

1 User manual (English)

The Picatinny Rail is not included in the standard supply of a M9125LS Scope.

It can however be offered as additional item, in such case please let us know the required length (we have on stock from 100mm to 250mm).

Please note that the MILEQ M408UR Receiver will be fitted with a Picatinny Rail of 120mm length as Standard. The M9125LS Scope is a Stock item at Mileq Singapore (with limited quantities).

Additional Pictures for Clarity:

Mounting Brackets included, left for Picatinny Rail (as on M408UR), right for Picatinny Rail or on round object

Switches: Leftmost is the on/off switch that is normally fitted, On the right side is the

pressure switch for weapon use (press black tongue to turn on), the ring in the middle is

to fit either of the two switches

X and Y Adjustment on the M9125LS Scope

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