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MILEQ is a specialist company to provide Consultation, Supply, Training, Commissioning, Maintenance and After Sales Services like Re-Training, Spare- and Wear Parts Supply etc.
We have many years of experience with various equipment and have specialist knowledge in setups of Testing Ranges and Equipment Requirement.

Test Barrels   (more information available, click Banner)
Test Barrels for Ballistic Testing. Usually for Ammunition Testing or for Material Testing.

M9125LS  (more information available, click Banner)
Laser Scope to be fitted on an M408UR Receiver or a Barrel

M408UR Receiver and M414R Receiver for the Test Barrels
Additionally, Drello Range of Receiver and Machine Rest

Manual and/or Electromagntic Initializing System

Manual or Electromagntic system for initiating the M408UR Receiver or the M414R Receiver

Machine Rest
M432MR Machine Rest for the Test Barrels
Additionally, Drello Range of Machine Rest

Closed Vessel
Closed Vessel Systems for Propellant Analysis
Spare and Wear Parts for Closed Vessels ever supplied through MILEQ.

Velocity Measuring System
Optical Velocity Screen System for Velocity measurement and analysis

Optical Target System
Optical System for the capturing and analysis of Target Data

Pressure Measuring System
Pressure Measuring System and EPVAT Measuring System.

Rate of Fire Measuring System

Equipment to measure the Rate of Fire, display on the equipment or via a M760 System Controller.

M830 TFMS Trigger Force Measuring System
Desktop Equipment for measuring of the Trigger Force of Pistols and Rifles
Accuracy 0.1%, with M760 System Controller and Software

Stroboscope   (more information available, click Banner)

Professional Stroboscope for 120 to 25000 RPM or Frequency of 2 to 416.6 Hz

For measurement/observation of rotational speed or vibrations

Equipment Protection Devices

M491PD Mobile and Flexible Systems for protecting Equipment along the Range

M820POS Precision Optical Investigation System
Optical System to investigate and document barrel interior condition.
Available for Rifles and for Pistols/Revolvers.
Temperature Conditioning Oven
For temperature conditioning of ammunition or equipment

M760 System Controller
Desktop or Notbook Version, to use with the equipment as offered, including Software

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