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Need to measure .....

  • Fan Speed
  • Slip between two pulleys on a belt drive
  • Motor Speed (specially if used with Variable Frequency)
  • Coupling Speed
  • Vibration Frequency of a part that should actually not vibrate ... to find the source
  • or simply see your machining tool like "standing idle" while rotating with 10000 RPM

then go ahead and get yourself one of these great tools. Easy to use, mobile and handy.

You will be amazed of many high speed processes that you can watch suddenly like "static". Be careful
though, the Fan Plate, Router Bit or the Mill or Drill is just looking like  frozen, it is at full speed. 

Technical Data:

Manual control (internal): with turning knob
120...25000 min-1 bzw. 2...416,6 sec-1
Fast finder function, bisection or doubling of the flash frequency
External control: by square wave impulse 10 ... 24 V
smooth real-time image shifting 0 ...360° 
and slow motion function
Flash duration control: automatic, related to the frequency or
manually with turning knob,
range 1...250 μs
Display: 5 digit 7-segment display, digit size 7.6 mm
Power supply:

3 x 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable battery (AA), fast charging
Power supply unit 5 VDC

and/or the USB Kit as offered from MILEQ.

Size (l x w x h): 200 mm x 85 mm x 40 mm (incl. turning knob 55 mm)
Weight: approx. 0,5 kg
Illumination intensity: 6500 lx @ 200 mm distance,
measured ati 50 Hz @ 50 μs flash duration
Colour temperature: 6500 K
Illumination Ø: 112 mm @ 300 mm distance

Mileq added to the factory standard the USB Kit. We found in our practical use, that this kit is more

convenient to use than the in/out of the 3 pcs of Rechargeable Battery.

DS1020 Stroboscope with RQ1020PSCU-200D, 2m USB Cable for Power Supply

DS1020 Stroboscope side view

DS1020 Stroboscope and the detailed data again

Although a typical Product of the Sister Company of MILEQ (Roteq Engineering Pte Ltd), we want to introduce this very useful tool also here.

We understand from some customers, that also People in the Defence, Law Enforcement and Forensic Industry have sometimes to measure the rotational speed of something or the frequency of a vibration/oscillation.

For this purpose, the DS1020 Stroboscope is an ideal tool. Small and mobile with USB Power Supply that is available almost everywhere nowadays.

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