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 M451MI  Manual Initiating Device

M451MI Manual Firing Device

Used for manual firing of the M408UR Universal Receiver or the M414Receiver of the 12.7mm M414AS Accuracy System


- Not expensive

- Needs no Electricity

- Simple to Maintain


- Less Safety as the Operator can only go as far away from the M408UR Universal Receiver or the M414R Receiver as the length of the Cable is. I.e. max of 3m

Not recommended if experimental Ammunition is being tested or if local Safety Standards require a Safe Distance.

M450EIS  Eletromagnetic Initiating System

System for Electromagnetic Initiating (Firing) of an M408UR Universal Receiver or a M414R Receiver.

Consists of:

M450IC Initiating Console

M450TU Trigger Unit

M450TC-xx Trigger Unit Cable


M450RI-xx Remote Initiating

M450AS-xx Armed Signalisation

M450IC Initiating Console

Compact Unit, including the Power Supply, the Safety Circuit, Connection to M450TU Trigger Unit, Connection to M450RI Remote Initiating, Connection to customers Safety Contact, Connection to M450AS Armed Signalisation.

 Customer can select the firing mode:

a) Firing requires only pressing of button "Initiate A"

b) Firing requires pressing of button "Initiate A and Initiate B" at the same time to avoid accidental firing.

c) M450RI-xx Remote Initiating is connected. Push Button connected via xx meter cable to the Remote Connector of the M450IC. The connection of an M450RI can be seen on the display of the M450IC front. It can be selected that the person at the M450RI pushes the button (the operator at the M450IC sees the display going to "green") and herewith the M450RI is then the "Second Firing Approval". As long as M450RI is not pressed, M450IC cannot fire. If the M450RI is not connected, this function is not here (also no LED display).

d) A codeable connector is at the back, where in addition a Safety Contact of the customer can be connected (e.g. Door Contact or similar). Only if that is positive, the M450IC can initiate (provided the above mentioned conditions are met).

The M450IC requires the mechanical Key to be inserted and turned to Armed to be able to fire.

e) Signalisation Output is provided, and MILEQ offers a M450AS Armed Signalisation Light, with a connecting cable. This LED Signalisation Light is on, when the M450IC is Armed.

Connecting Cables between M450IC and M450TU or M450AS or M450RI (xx) are as standard 10m long, but can be supplied with up to 20m length. M450IC contains latest Safety Technology, so a damaged cable to the M450TU would be detected and avoids accidental firing. Safety Loop display needs to be green to operate successfully.

Firing is ready within 5s of the previous round, to ensure the M450TU is within its working specifications. 

The button to be pressed will be illuminated. Prolonged pressing (e.g. just putting a weight on the button to fake a push for firing) does not work. The button display will start flashing and blocking the firing until the button is released and pressed again, to avoid by-passing the security features.

Please check with MILEQ about the compatibiliy of this M450EIS with other Universal Receivers than the M408UR.

Length: 300mm Depth: 200mm, Height: 102mm

Power Supply:  100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz

M450TU Trigger Unit

Is a Solenoid Magnet that pulls the Trigger of the M408UR Universal Receiver or the M414R Receiver.

It comes in a Aluminium Casing with Connector, to be fitted to the Receivers.

M450TC-xx Trigger Cable

is either M450TC-10 or M450TC-20, what means a connection cable from the M450TU to the M450IC of such xx meter length.

M450RI-xx Remote Initiating

Is a Metal or Plastic Casing with a cable of xx m length (usually 10 or 20m). It can be used as Initiating Device at the Gun, so that the communication between Gunner and the M450IC Operator is on a solid and secure basis. Of course, the M450RI can also be placed at any other place, if the User decides the second Firing Approval should come from a different location.

M450AS-xx Armed Signalisation

Is a Alarm Light on powerful LED basis, Red Color, with a cable length of xx m  (usually 10 or 20m) from the M450AS to the M450IC. It will be on, if the M450IC is Armed, to signal to people not to go into the danger zone of the Receiver.

For more information please contact MILEQ.

More Details will follow also here soon.

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